The welfare floor for cow and farmer


Every farmer knows it: when a (dairy) cow feels good and gets the right nutrition it produces more milk. The floor in the cubicle plays an important role here: a cow that moves easily and lies more comfortably produces more milk. Therefore, choose Cowrubber.

Health for your cows

A comfortable barn floor is essential for the good health of your cows. Cowrubber’s rubber stable mats offer the best solution in the market.

Smart investment

Investing in a Cowrubber barn floor is smart. The cost per square meter is relatively low and no more expensive than conventional stable mats.

More efficiency

Cowrubber welfare flooring allows cows to walk many times more smoothly and comfortably. Resulting in higher milk yields.

The welfare floor
for cow and farmer

The best solutions come from practice. Together, two livestock farmers figured out how to address the problem of slippery and worn barn floors. This resulted in the product Cowrubber.



Cowrubber is the best barn flooring available in the market. Very comfortable for the cow and affordable for the farmer. This product is processed into the final product in the Netherlands. Because the rubber is highly abrasion-resistant and strong (it contains a steel core), profiling is done with specially manufactured machines.

Uniquely profiled

Cowrubber’ s cleverly chosen rubber composition provides the very best cushioning in the field of barn flooring and a long service life. These uniquely profiled barn mats instantly provide optimum grip and prevent cows from slipping.

Happy cows are efficient cows

It is known that from cows that are healthy, have enough exercise space and walk on soft floors that they produce more milk. Happy cows are therefore more efficient! For healthy and happy cows, choose barn mats from Cowrubber.

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