About us

The best solutions come from practice, and that includes Cowrubber. Together, two livestock farmers figured out how to address the problem of slippery barn floors. By watching, thinking, trying and persevering. The result is a product they make numerous colleagues happy, in the past decades hundreds of cow barns have already been fitted with Cowrubber.

Origin Cowrubber

Cattle farmer Piet Lekkerkerker of Giekerk (Fr.) installed a special rubber floor in his own cowshed several years ago. “I was convinced that this material would be good for the claws. Practice was more recalcitrant. The unprofiled floors soon proved too slippery. “Out of sheer frustration, I then took them out again.” But the idea did not leave Lekkerkerker. He kept looking for a method to roughen these rubber floors.

And then he came into contact with fellow cattle farmer and technology enthusiast Herman Ebbers from Dedemsvaart. It clicked between the two men and after several months of experimentation, they found the right technique and profile. Cowrubber was born! Currently, Cowrubber stable mats are going throughout Europe.

Arjan Lekkerkerker

The farmer’s son who, after studying at Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden, went to work manufacturing and installing Cow rubber.

Responsible for quotations and administration.

Piet Lekkerkerker

Pete takes care of initial customer contact and measuring stalls at the farmer’s location. He also assists his other son on the 260-cow dairy farm.

Phone: 06 302 84 280