Emission poor

RAV BWL2021.07 certification by 2% shearing

A Cowrubber barn floor can be made emission poor. In this process, manure and urine are separated by the specially developed subfloor. This underlay slopes 2% and is placed toward the center. This allows the urine to be separated from the manure, resulting in an ammonia reduction.

The emissions were calculated to be 8.9 kilograms of ammonia per cow, per year.

2% depreciation

By using the 2% sloping subfloor, it is possible to make any Cowrubber floor low-emission. This one is even certified.


The Cowrubber low-emission underlay has received RAV BWL2021.07 certification. This is based on 8.9 pounds of emissions per cow, per year.

rigid plastic

The subfloor is made of hard plastic and will last a lifetime.

Delivery and assembly

We supply both the floor and low-emission subfloor but also provide transportation and installation. At Cowrubber, you buy a total solution.

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