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Cow rubber is the best floor for any cow barn

A slippery or worn floor causes problems in the barn. Thanks to a Cowrubber floor, that’s a thing of the past. With our profiled rubber floor in the barn, you give the cows a soft surface on which they walk comfortably. This gives the cow more grip, comfort and stability in the barn.

The deep tread in the rubber stable mats provides good grip and also very good cushioning due to the unique tread. This makes the walking rubber for dairy cattle the ideal welfare floor!


Cowrubber barn flooring benefits

With a Cowrubber barn floor, you provide more comfort for the cows. In addition to a rubber barn floor, Cowrubber’s rubber mats are also suitable for walkways, waiting areas or the milking parlor. We provide proper machining and processing and install everything to size.

Cow rubber is the very best solution when renovating barn floors.

This rubber stable floor provides a good grip which makes for a safer stable floor. The barn floors are also suitable when you use a manure scraper. In addition, a stable floor made of rubber provides better leg health.

By using a rubber barn floor, you ensure less noise in the barn. A rubber barn floor from Cowrubber provides good grip, stability and comfort for cows.

Long lifespan

Cow rubber is made of very strong rubber as much as 30mm to 35mm thick. The grooves are about 10mm deep. In addition, the stable mats contain a core of steel wire, this allows the floor to retain its strength and shape for a lifetime. The processing of the floor is done with special machines. The deep grooves allow the rubber material to move flexibly, making walking comfortable for the cow.

Also suitable as a meadow path

This flexible path offers the possibility to create temporary or permanent walkways for dairy cows in connection with arable farming or robotic milking.

Also as a low-emission barn floor

With our sloping subfloor, it is also possible to build a low-emission Cowrubber barn floor. The rubber subfloor is under a 2% slope. This allows urine and manure to be disposed of separately.

The code for floor certification is RAV BWL2021.07.

Manure mono fermentation

We have extensive experience in sealing slatted floors. Fresh manure is needed for high gas yields. We can use Cowrubber to turn your slatted floor into a liquid-tight floor, so you will have daily fresh manure.

high quality rubber

Cowrubber’s unique composition is not available anywhere else. Over 30-35mm thick rubber with a core of steel wires. A one-time investment, but quality for life.

fewer accidents

The smart tread and high quality rubber gives the cow much more grip when walking. This makes cows less likely to slip and significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

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