Delivery and assembly

Cowrubber is a total supplier: product, transport and assembly

We handle the entire process, from purchase to delivery. Cow rubber stall mats are heavy and complex to work with due to the heavy quality of the rubber i.c.w. the steel core. With our professional machinery, skilled personnel and fast assembly, we provide the complete solution in your cow barn.

Quick installation: usually in one day, this quick installation gives the least disruption in your cattle and milking times.

How does the process work?

  1. After requesting a quote or contacting us, we will come to your location to measure everything.
  2. Based on your situation, we make a price proposal tailored to the situation. Price is based on square footage, transportation, labor and driving distance.
  3. Upon agreement on the order, we jointly schedule a time when the Cow rubber will be delivered (by trucks) and when the assembly will take place.
  4. When assembling on site, we of course provide complete finishing and installation.

professional machines

Of course, we use professional machines to place the Cowrubber in your barn. We bring these machines ourselves, these include mini shovels and the tools.

Cowrubber floors are delivered in advance via a transport company due to their high weight.

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